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Download ដោនឡូត​ (PDF 939KB)
Author: Ok Serie Sopheak and David Wharton
Source: Cambodia Development Research Institute (CDRI)

Book’s Description

This lexicon is testimony to the remarkable steps that are being taken at all levels of Cambodian society to build a culture of peace and to address the dramatic changes brought about not only war, but also by the process of recovery itself. The demographic, economic, and cultural transitions which continue to have immense impact on traditional Cambodian society demand new ways to communicate and work together. As a result, many organizations are incorporating aspects of peace building into their programmes and offering training in conflict management, nonviolence, human rights, and related fields, and a new vocabulary is being developed in Cambodia . Many of these terms are new even to the English language and require definition in order to be understood by native speakers, adding to the challenges of developing such a vocabulary in Khmer. There is also a growing awareness among Cambodian practitioners of traditional methods of conflict management and finding culturally relevant adaptations of imported methods.