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Gender and Sexuality Issues in Cambodia

The current issue of Studies in Gender and Sexuality (15, 1) is a special issue on Cambodia. Contents are as follows: Introduction - Katie Gentile 'Caught Between the Tiger and the Crocodile': Cambodian Sex Workers' Experiences of Structural and Physical Violence - Melissa Ditmore Debt Bondage in Cambodia's Past - and Implications for its Present - Trude Jacobsen Prostitution and the ...
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Knowledge and views regarding condom use among female garment factory workers in Cambodia

Authors Webber, Gail C.; Edwards, Nancy; Amaratunga, Carol; Graham, Ian D.; Keane, Vincent; Ros, Socheat Abstract Cambodia is experiencing a generalized HIV epidemic; there is evidence some populations within Cambodia are particularly vulnerable to infection. A mixed methods study was conducted in 2006 on the vulnerability to contract HIV of rural-to-urban migrant Cambodian garment factory workers. This paper ...
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Knowledge Management (KM) Model Development for Community Health

By Sary SENG Abstract In the last few decades the Knowledge Management (KM) was a hot topic, especially in the fields of business and information technology. At the present day the application of the KM was spreads over and passed the border of business and ICT into many fields included cognitive sciences, education, and community development and ...
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Embedding Embittered History: Unending Conflicts in Thai-Cambodian Relations

byPavin Chachavalpongpun*In Asian Affiars, 43:1, 81-102, (March 2012). In 1978, American political scientist Walter Vella stated, “Like any system of loyalty, nationalism has its virtues and its faults. Its good lies in its power to unite; its bad lies in its power to divide.” This assessment of nationalism has never gone out of fashion. Countries fabricate ...
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THE KHMER AND CHAM, EACH CHARACTER IN CULTURE AND ART: Seminar on: “HOL”, the Art of Cambodian Textile, organized by the Institute of Khmer Traditional Textile with the Collaboration of the Center for Khmer Studies Vat Damnak, Siem Reap, December 12-13, 2003  SON Soubert, Professor at the Faculty of Archaeology (Phnom-Penh) Member of the Constitutional Council of the ...
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