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Saturday May 26 and Sunday May 27, 2012
Location: Seattle University in Seattle, WA, USA.

Proposal deadline: March 15, 2012

Each presentation will be about 15 minutes.

This symposium will focus on patterns and networks of cultural interaction, exchange, and mutual curiosity between Europe and the region today called ?Southeast Asia? as well as Sri Lanka (Ceylon) from approximately 1800 to 1940. Papers on themes that are often overlooked or obscured when focusing on the frameworks of empires and nation-states, or ones that complicate such frameworks, are particularly encouraged. For example, studies in material culture and consumer culture can focus on the circulation of the motifs and patterns of tiles, textiles or prints through commercial and cultural networks. In architecture, ?hybrid? styles such as the ?Sino-Portuguese? architecture or ?Sino-colonial? architecture found in Thailand, and similar styles found in Malaysia, or Singapore (many examples of which are shophouses built by ethnic Chinese groups), show patterns of both local cultural exchange as well as broader interaction between Europe and Southeast Asia. Topics on contemporary heritage issues in both Europe and Southeast Asia are also welcome.

Topics include:

Material culture

Consumer culture

World fairs or Universal Expositions, colonial exhibitions, and similar settings in Europe and Southeast Asia


Contemporary issues of cultural heritage

Theoretical issues regarding transnational cultural exchange, heritage and agency

The airfares of the participants can be covered by Seattle University.

No registration fee is required.

A one-page proposal for a paper should be sent by e-mail to Hazel Hahn at:

H. Hazel Hahn
Associate Professor of History
Pigott-McCone Endowed Chair 2010-12
Seattle University
Seattle, WA 98122