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The Australian Leadership Award Scholarships (ALA Scholarships) are long term development awards aimed at enhancing leadership and building partnerships and linkages within developing countries, while addressing priority development areas.

Up to 200 Australian Leadership Award Scholarships will be available on an annual basis for high achievers wishing to undertake postgraduate study at an Australian higher education institution.

Participating Australian higher education institutions

ALA Scholarships target those whose chosen field of study equips them to play a significant role in addressing, researching or combating development challenges in their country and/or region. Awardees will be provided with opportunities to enhance their leadership capacity and extend their networks.

Selection for an ALA Scholarship is highly competitive. It is based on the applicant’s professional and personal qualities, academic competence and, most importantly, their commitment to and potential impact on development outcomes for their country and region. Scholars are required to return to their home country for at least two years after completing their studies in Australia.

ALA Scholarship recipients will join an Australia Awards alumni network with strong and enduring links to Australia, the region and further afield. The network will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information among scholarship recipients.

How to apply for an ADS or ALA scholarship

  1. Check the open and close dates for your country, and select your country of citizenship/residency from the list of participating countries for specific information on eligibility, priority areas and how to apply. Participating countries
  2. If you intend to apply, you must read the scholarships handbook. The handbook provides information on all aspects of the scholarships including general eligibility requirements, selection processes, entitlements, responsibilities, etc. Note that AusAID may revise and update the handbook at any time without notice.
  3. Some countries encourage and allow you to apply online (only open until 31 May 2011), other countries require hard-copy applications only.  See Participating countries for the relevant process.

    Applying online

    Go to the Online Australian Scholarships Information System (OASIS) website. When you register online, you will be required to answer some questions to establish your eligibility. You will then be given a unique registration number, username and password.

    You do not need to submit your application immediately. You can update your draft application form as well as attach and update supporting documentation up until 31 May 2011, or an earlier date specified on the relevant country profile. Once you submit your application you cannot do anything more with it.

    Refer to the Applicant’s Online User Manual if you need help:
    OASIS Application User Guide [PDF 507kb]
    OASIS Application User Guide [Word 2.1mb]

    Applying by mail

    If you are unable to submit your application online please check your country profile for contact details to obtain a hardcopy application form and any other templates such as referee reports (if applicable).

    You may apply by mail if you cannot access the internet. Printed application forms can be obtained from the contact listed on your country profile, or from the appropriate Australian High Commission, Embassy or their Managing Contractor.

    Completed hard copy application forms and supporting documentation must be submitted by the deadline specified by your country. See opening and closing dates for each country.

Supporting documentation

Some countries require additional supporting documents, as listed in their country profile.

Referee reports are required by some countries as applicable.

Referee report template [PDF 118kb]
Referee report template [Word 163kb]

Verified true copies

To verify a document as a true copy, you should present the original document and the copy to a Commissioner of Oaths, Public Notary or other formally recognised authority in your home country. This official should sight both documents and verify with a stamp and/or a signature that the copy is a true copy of the original document. You will have to pay any fees charged by officials for verifying documents.

If you are submitting an online application, you should scan the verified true copies of your supporting documents (not the originals) and attach them as PDF files with your application.

More information

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