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Collaborative Governance: A new era of public policy in Australia?

Edited by Janine O’Flynn and John Wanna ISBN 9781921536403 $24.95 (GST inclusive) ISBN 9781921536410 (Online) Published December 2008 Co-published with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government Collaboration has emerged as a central concept in public policy circles in Australia and a panacea to the complex challenges facing Australia. But is this really the cure-all it seems ...
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The Power of Economic Ideas: The origins of Keynesian macroeconomic management in interwar Australia 1929–39

Alex Millmow ISBN 9781921666261 $24.95 (GST inclusive) ISBN 9781921666278 (Online) Published May 2010 Economics, Keynes once wrote, can be a ‘very dangerous science’. Sometimes, though, it can be moulded to further the common good though it might need a leap in mental outlook, a whole new zeitgeist to be able do do. This book is about ...
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