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Education is very important for all of people. When we passed from the high school, we always continue to study at college or university. College is the level that continues from high school and the student must be depending on themselves. There are four ways to success in college such as be confident, taking note, organizing the time and communication. Firstly, if we want to success in studying in college, we should have specific plant when we study at high school. When we finished high school, we can have confident on the subject that we want to study in college. Confident is very necessary for us because studying in college is not depend on the teacher all, and we must have confident on our self that we can complete this major or not. For example, we want to study law in the college, but we don’t have basic or not interest it since we study at high school. We will fail in our study in college Secondly, taking note is very important for students that studying in college because they don’t have enough time to meet with teacher. Sometime we see him or her only one day per week, and studying in college teachers don’t have time to write the lesson on the white board. He just shows the slide then explain to students, so we should the way to take note. We shouldn’t note all of something that teacher explains to us we just note the main idea or main point for the lesson. It is the key for help us when we study at home because some student understands when they study in the classes. When they arrived their house, they will forget on some points in the lesson, so they can look their take not. Other important is organize the time. Organizing the time is very important for all of student’s study in college because when we set up the schedule that have specific time, we can do everything or cut down boring in our study. We must make sure our self that which time we study which subject, and we must practice it every day. For example, we set up the schedule that at the morning we study in college and we leave from college at 11:00 am. Then 1:00-2:00 pm we study grammar and 2:10-3:10 study writing and so on. When we practice like this our study is easy and gets good result at the end in college. Next, we talk about communication. Communication is very important in studying in college. It helps us know about the new information in our college, and we know other knowledge from other people that we know. Sometime we don’t know about some points in the lesson, so we must communication with our teacher for explain these points. For example, we know a lot of people in college when we don’t know some, we can ask them. When we finished our college, we can ask them to help us find the job. To sum up, according to detail above we should try to study hard and practice follow to this strategy for success in studying in college. When we get good result in college, we easy to find a job that get high salary too.