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By Sary SENG


In the last few decades the Knowledge Management (KM) was a hot topic, especially in the fields of business and information technology. At the present day the application of the KM was spreads over and passed the border of business and ICT into many fields included cognitive sciences, education, and community development and many others. The purpose of this review literature is tried to re-every perspectives of knowledge management and to observe how KM works in the community field especially in the community health sector. The KM development history, concepts, knowledge management cycles and model, and its application are figures out and identified. Informal academic research documents survey and interview with KM academic persons were adapted for this review literature method. The sample model of knowledge management for community health, based on literature review integrating with the Cambodia context, will be suggested. This review literature will be a paving bridge for lighting into what my doctoral degree dissertation topic going to be. Read full article.