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Here some websites and Youtube videos for those who are interested in Khmer language and culture.


  1. Electronic Chuon Nath Dictionary
  2. English-Khmer- English Dictionary

Online News in Khmer

  1. Radio Free Asia
  2. Radio France Internationale
  3. SBS Radio
  4. Voice of America
  5. Radio Australia
  6. Phnom Penh Post

Note: You need Khmer Unicode in order to be able to read news on these websites.

Khmer Unicode

  1. Khmer Unicode 2.0.1
  2. NiDA Sovannaphun and NiDA Funan
  3. Khmer Kep and Khmer Mool1
  4. Khmer Unicode for Window & Mac OSX

1. Khmer Consonants

2. Khmer Dependent Vowels

3. Khmer Independent Vowels

4. Khmer Sub-scribs

5. Khmer Consonants and Examples

6. Khmer Vowels and Examples

7. Reading Consonants and Vowels

8. Khmer Numbers (1 to 10)

9. Khmer Numbers (0 to 1 million)

10. Fruit in Khmer

11. Learn Reading Khmer

12. Some Words, Phrases and Sentences