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We are now inviting applications from high potential officials to apply for the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Fellowships for the 1-year Master in Public Management (MPM) 2013 Programme. The LKY Fellowship provides the aspiring leaders of tomorrow an exceptional opportunity to enhance their knowledge and real-life experiences while fostering networks with their counterparts from other Asian countries.

Awarded by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the LKY Fellowship is arguably the most distinguished and generous scholarship given to non-Singapore citizens by the Singapore Government.  It is valued in excess of USD 100, 000 per LKY Fellow and provides an exclusive opportunity to public service officials from across Asia to study one semester at the LKY School, and a second at either the Harvard Kennedy School or Columbia University, SIPA. They also benefit from a five-week attachment to a Singapore Government Ministry or Statutory Board, related to their field of expertise.
The LKY Fellows are traditionally senior Asian government officials and professionals with more than 8 years of work experience and a proven trajectory of leadership, high-level decision making and a strong commitment to public service in their respective countries.
With the shift of power to Asia and the strong re-emergence of Asian societies, the strategic location of the LKY School in Singapore allows our MPM students to study in one of the best public policy laboratories in the world while immersing themselves in and accessing the wider Asia Pacific region. The school has a unique Asian focus and bridges the gap between prevailing theories in the West and best practices emerging in the East.
Every year a select group of around 20 to 25 senior government officials and professionals  come together in the presence of renowned international experts to debate, analyze and share ideas on how to deal with the challenges in public policy and their management through effective leadership and good governance. With officials drawn from China, India, ASEAN, South Asia and beyond and skilled in various policy disciplines of government, civil society, media, law and medicine, it is hard to match the diversity and dynamism of the MPM Classroom at the LKY School.
Given the unique value proposition of the LKY Fellowship for the MPM Programme, we strongly believe that potential candidates from Cambodia will greatly benefit from enrolling in our MPM 2013 Programme.  Hence, I would be truly grateful if you could disseminate this circular and take an active role in identifying eligible candidates and strongly encouraging them to apply. Alternatively, if you provide us with a shortlist of eligible officers, we shall be pleased to contact them directly.
The deadline for applications is June 30, 2012 for the academic year commencing January 2013.  Application details can be found on our website at In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact my colleagues, Ms. Hema Goyal, Acting Head, External Affairs at  or Ms. Joyce Cuff at, if you have any comments or questions.