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I know that there are some difficulties for Cambodian people who want to get payment or money from online. Example, if you are a Photo seller at when your clients purchased your photos how can you get this money? In this case, you maybe find the solution for that. First you maybe go to and sign up for receiving payment, but unfortunately it is not possible for our Cambodian people yet. You can pay but you can not receive payment for your PayPal Account. If you ask me how can we get money to our account for online buy and sell? The answer is that I recommend you to choose Payonner Account. I heard that there are many Cambodian people are signing up with this website to get account for get the money from online selling.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is online payment system, International Money Transfer and Prepaid Debit Cards which was founded in New York, NY USA (2005).

How can I sign up to get Payoneer Account?

It is very simple and easy to sign up account with this Payonner, just go by this link: and fill the information Personal Details, Contact Details, Security details.

Payoneer - sign up

After you sing up the account, please wait they will email to you to get the Prepaid Debit Card through our post office in Cambodia. You can also contact to post office or Payonner if you didn’t receive your card.

When you get your card please activate your card to make it accessible for your online payment.

This is the price list for your card activation, check here. Question about this post please don’t hesitate to contact me by email:

Payoneer - Price

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