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University of Copenhagen offers 8 PhD scholarships in topic Climate Change; Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation. The three-year studentships are expected to be effective from 1 December or soon thereafter.

Applications are welcomed within the following 15 areas; please observe that only 8 PhD scholarships will be filled.

  1. Research to prevent methane emission from ruminant livestock and associated damage to the environment
  2. Downscaling climate change information for agriculture and natural resource management
  3. Spatial characterisation and modelling of bio-production, eco-systems and climate driven spatial change
  4. Climate change effects on ecology and pest status of noxious species
  5. Developing sustainable, climate-favorable fertilizer technologies for industrial and third world agriculture
  6. Waste management effects on GHG emissions and climate change – in a life cycle assessment perspective
  7. Climate Change and Mitigation: Forestry and land-use change
  8. Climate Change and Adaptation: Forestry and land-use change
  9. Impact of climate change on emerging plant diseases and their threat to food security
  10. Climate and contaminants in agricultural drainage water
  11. Climate change: Costal Flooding Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in Urban Planning
  12. Economics of Climate Change and Natural Resources Management
  13. Climate change- GIS-based models for assessing changes in transmission patterns and human health risks of food-borne zoonotic trematode infections in south-east Asia
  14. GIS-based models and risk assessment to establish effect of climate change on Salmonella in aquacultures in South-east Asia
  15. Effect of climate change on the disease biology of vector-borne helminth diseases in Africa

Qualification Requirements

  1. In connection with the appointment to the post special importance will be attached to the applicant having the professional and personal qualifications stated below:
  2. Passed Master’s degree in relation to the above subject area(s)
  3. The PhD candidate is also required to have research potential, to be enterprising, to possess good interpersonal skills and to be qualified for enrolment into the PhD programme.

No application form is needed. In order for your application to be taken into consideration you must meet the following requirements:

Your application must be sent by E-mail in pdf-format only. Please, include all the documents you wish to be evaluated in one single pdf-file. The application must include the following appendices marked with the stated appendix numbers:

  1. Appendix 1: curriculum vitae with documentation of education.
  2. Appendix 2: material required for expert assessment, including publications and documentation of work experience.

Foreign diplomas (Master, Bachelor and the like) must be provided in the original language as well as in an English translation. For all diplomas, Danish or otherwise, transcripts containing the names and grades/marks for all courses taken must also be included.

Please, indicate clearly which position you apply for.

In addition to the material the applicant wishes to be included in the assessment, the Assessment Committee may implicate additional material in the assessment of the applicant. In such circumstances, it is the responsibility of the applicant, on request, to send the material to the Committee.

The applicant will be assessed in accordance with the Executive Order no. 284 of 25 April 2008 of the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The applications marked 625-264 should be sent to by E-mail to, no later than 1 September

General questions regarding the Graduate School of Life Sciences at LIFE should be directed to Course Administration c/o special advisor Michael Cleve Hansen, ph. (+45) 3528 2056 (e-mail: or head clerk Lillian Zeuthen Bjørnseth, ph. (+45) 3528 2172 (e-mail: Further information on PhD programmes is available at

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