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Ensure energy and environmental conservation issues are most important to the sustainable development of human beings. To solve various problems of energy and the environment, the Graduate School of Energy Sciences was founded in April 1996, bringing together the powerful academic areas, including technology, science, agriculture, economics, law, etc. The Graduate School has been working on creating new learning methods in the science of energy in the development of energy technology and environment in the cultivation of excellent human resources in energy and environment and making a contribution to society. The International Atomic Energy Science course is offered to students and researchers with experience of non-Japanese education the opportunity to continue their studies in Science of Energy toward a Master and / or Doctorate at the University of Kyoto. The Master IES runs from October 2010 to IES PhD course starts in October 2012. In the course, mastery of Japanese is not necessary because students can earn the necessary credits by choosing classes from a variety of topics presented in English.


10 students per annum (for three departments; SEES, FES and ECS)

  1. Applicants must have or be about to have the first (undergraduate) degree from non-Japanese higher education institution*. Current students must graduate and obtain a degree before enrollment.
  2. Applicants must have a competitive proficiency in academic English. Applicants whose first language is NOT English must submit a certificate of EFL test score such as TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS.

* Application by non-graduate applicant who has both relevant professional experience and academic ability equivalent or superior to a graduate may be considered individually by the IESC Admission Committee.


Application deadline: February 1, 2011.
Announcement of results: May 9, 2011.
Enrollment: October 3, 2011.
Please note that we are not ready to accept a request for enrollment deferral in IESC.