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Call for Applications

The International Research Center for Japanese Studies is one of the constituent institutions of the National Institutes for the Humanities, which was established as an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation under a law effective April 2004. Founded in May 1987 as an inter-university research institute of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, this Center seeks to promote comprehensive, international, and interdisciplinary research on Japanese culture, and to foster cooperation among researchers in Japanese studiesworldwide. In order to broaden and deepen research on Japanese culture and bring together researchers in a variety of specialized fields, the Center regularly appoints a number of scholars from around the world as Visiting Research Scholars.

The Center invites applications from scholars who wish to conduct research while in residence here. Visiting Research Scholars are expected to engage in collaborative activity with the Center’s permanent faculty by, for example, participating in at least one of our team research projects (“kyôdô kenkyû”).

1. Number of Openings: Several positions.
2. Obligations:

The Visiting Research Scholar will be free to carry out his/her individual research, but must join in at least one team research project.The Visiting Research Scholar will contribute at least one article to either of the Center’s two periodical publications,Nihon Kenkyu (in Japanese) or Japan Review (in European languages). Submission is expected during the visitor’s stay at the Center or after his/her return to his/her home country.

3. Qualifications and Eligibility:

Researchers of any nationality under 65 years old when the research period begins, who live outside Japan, are eligible to apply. Others whom the Director-General of this Center deems to have equivalent qualifications as a researcher may apply, provided that they meet the age criteria.
Applicants who meet the following criteria are preferred.
(1) Researchers employed by a university or other research institution.
(2) Researchers with a doctoral degree.
(3) Those whom the Director-General deems to have equivalent qualifications as above (1) and (2).

4. Research Period:

The Visiting Research Scholar is expected to arrive in Kyoto between April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013 then to stay for a period between three months and one year.

5. Salary and Conditions:

(1) The Visiting Research Scholar will receive a monthly salary on the legally appointed day each month, the amount of which is approximately the same as the salary of a regular full-time employee of the same age at the Center.
(2) Roundtrip travel expenses will be paid according to a rate stipulated in the regulations.
(3) A research allowance (including a domestic research travel expense allowance) will be disbursed to each Visiting Research Scholar.
(4) The Center’s library, computers, and other facilities, including an individual research room, will be made available for the use of the Visiting Research Scholar, in the same way as for a regular full-time employee of the Center.
(5) Visiting Research Scholars have opportunities for presentation of research findings in seminars, public lectures, and the Nichibunken Forum held by the Center.
(6) Housing accommodations will be available on the site of the Center. (There are charges for the use of these facilities.)

6. Application Procedure:

Applicants must submit the designated application form. You can also download the application form from here:

7. Application Deadline:

The application form should reach the Center by November 30, 2010.

8. Address for the Application:

Office of Research Exchange
International Research Center for Japanese Studies
3-2 Oeyama-cho, Goryo, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 610-1192, Japan
Phone: +81(0)75-335-2041 Fax: +81(0)75-335-2092