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Intended for people active in peacebuilding and related fields, SPI offers three 7-day sessions and one 5-day session, each with five or six intensive courses running concurrently, for academic credit or as professional training. SPI 2011, the 16th annual Summer Peacebuilding Institute, will be held from May 9 to June 17 at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, (with an intensive English for Peacebuilding pre-course May 3-7).

SPI 2011 will offer courses of use to practitioners, students, and those interested in learning more about peacebuilding. There are courses in restorative justice, trauma awareness and healing, mediation, reconciliation, conflict analysis, research and theory. Several courses operate at the intersection of conflict transformation with a related field: development, public policy, human rights, identity, faith, and consensus-building.

Within each course, participants will be challenged and encouraged to reflect and to share. Stimulating conversations with people in other courses and from other places expand the learning exponentially.

Check out the courses offered:

The deadline for applications is January 14, 2011.