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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) wasestablished in April 1988 with financing from the Government of Japan. It aims to provide an opportunity for well-qualified citizens of ADB’s developing member countries to pursue postgraduate studies in economics, management, science and technology, and other development-related fields at participating academic institutions in the Asian and Pacific Region. Scholarship
The ADB-JSP provides

  • full tuition fees
  • a monthly subsistence and housing allowance
  • an allowance for books and instructional materials
  • medical insurance
  • travel expenses
  • For scholars engaged in research, a special grant may be available for thesis preparation.
  • In special circumstances computer literacy, preparatory language and other similar courses may be covered under the scholarship.

Programs covered by the ADB-JSP
Programs covered by the ADB-JSP are postgraduate studies in

  • economics
  • management
  • health
  • education
  • agriculture
  • environment
  • natural resource management
  • science and technology
  • other development-related fields

Duration of the scholarship award?
The scholarship is for one year with an extension to the second year of study, as appropriate, which shall be conditional on the scholar maintaining a satisfactory level of performance as determined by the institute.

The maximum duration of scholarship award is two years for masters and doctorate programs.

Deadline for submission
Send applications for scholarships at least six months prior to the planned time that you wish to commence studies.

Eligibility CountryAfghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Fiji Islands, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Kyrgyz Republic, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vietnam. Upon completion of their study programs, scholars are expected to contribute to the economic and social development of their home countries. The ADB-JSP enrolls about 300 students annually in 20 academic institutions located in 10 countries within the Region. The ADB-JSP provides full scholarships for one to two years. List of Academic Institutions

Field of Study: Master/Doctorate in

  1. International and Development Economics
  2. Public Policy (Development Administration)
  3. Environmental Management & Development
  4. Infrastructure Management

Contact:Ms. Billie Headon Director, Student Recruitment, Alumni and Scholarships E-mail:

Masters by Coursework in

  1. Business Administration
  2. Commerce
  3. Commerce (specializing in Economics or Finance)
  4. Engineering
  5. International Business
  6. Public Health
  7. Agribusiness, Agricultural Sciences, and Forest Science

Contact: Ms. Naomi Taguchi, Postgraduate Scholarships OfficerMelbourne Scholarships Office Website:

  1. Master/Doctorate in Economics
  2. Master of Commerce or International Business
  3. Master of Transport Management
  4. Master of International Public Health
  5. Master in Engineering Studies

Contact: Margaret O’Byrne Deputy Director (Government & Student Relations) International ScholarshipsE-mail:

  1. Master of Science in Urban Planning
  2. Master of Science in Urban Design

Contact: Mrs. Beckie Kwok Administrative Assistant Research Services, Registry, E-mail:

  1. Master of Technology

Contact: Mr. K.P. SinghDeputy Registrar (PGS&R)

  1. Master in International Development
  2. Master in International Relations
  3. Master in Business Administration
  4. Master in e-Business Management

Contact: Mr. Ichiro AbeDeputy Manager Office of Student or

International Graduate Program on Advanced Science and Technology

  1. Nano-Science Program
  2. Electronics and Photonics Program
  3. Mechanics and Manufacturing Program
  4. Computer Science and Communication Technology Program
  5. Environment and Multi-Scare Dynamics Program
  6. Biomedical Engineering Program

Contact: Prof. Kohei Itoh Chairman Committee for International Affairs, Faculty of Science and TechnologyE-mail:

  1. Master in International Development
  2. Master in International Cooperation Studies

Contact: Mr. Akihiro AsakawaInternational Student Advisor Graduate School of International DevelopmentE-mail:

Master/Doctorate in

  1. Policy Studies
  2. Policy Analysis
  3. Public Policy
  4. Public Administration

Contact: Mr. Kiyomi Tanabe Manager, Academic and Student Affairs Division

  1. Master in Economics

Contact: Mr. Mitsuru HitomiAdministrative Manager, Office of International Education at Biwako Kusatsu Campus E-mail:

  • Saitama University255 Shimo-Okubo, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 338-8570, Japan (Attn: The Registrar, The Foreign Student Office) Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  1. Master/Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Contact: Ms. Naoko NakasoneAdministrative Assistant Foreign Student

  • University of Tokyo7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113-8656, Japan(Attn: Foreign Student Office)
  1. Master/Doctorate in Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Development

Contact: Prof. Takeshi IshiharaProfessor of Civil Engineering & Foreign Student OfficerE-mail:

  1. Master/Doctorate in Urban Engineering

Contact: Prof. Tetsuo KidokoroAssociate Professor & Foreign Student Offcer Department of Urban EngineeringE-mail:

  1. Master/Doctorate in Environment Studies
  2. Master/Doctorate in International Studies
  3. Master in Sustainability Science

Contact: Prof. Masahiko KunishimaProfessor & Foreign Student OfficerThe Institute of Environmental Studies E-mail:

  1. Master/Doctorate in Public Health (International Health)

Contact: Prof. Masamine JimbaProfessor, Department of International Cummunity Health,School of International Health,Graduate School of MedicineE-mail:

  1. Master in International Business
  2. Master of Commerce (International Business)
  3. Master of Arts (Development Studies)
  4. Master of Science (Environmental Science)
  5. Master/Doctorate in Engineering
  6. Master of Public Health

Contact: Ms. Rita Fatialofa-PatoloInternational Scholarships CoordinatorNZ Australia Pacific RegionInternational OfficeE-mail:

  1. Master in Business Administration

Contact: Ms. Saba JavedDeputy Manager Admissions & Financial AidSuleman Dawood School of BusinessE-mail:

  1. Master in Business Management
  2. Master in Management
  3. Master in Development Management
  4. Master in Entrepreneurship for Social and Development Entrepreneurs

Contact: Mr. Rey ReyesAssociate Director, Student ServicesAdmissions & Registration E-mail:

  1. Master/Doctorate in Rice and Rice-based Farming Systems

Contact: Ms. Anilyn ManingasAssistant Manager, Training CenterE-mail:

  1. Master in Business Administration


  1. Master in Public Policy


  1. Master in Social Sciences (Economics)


  1. Master in Environmental Management


Master of Sciences or Engineering in:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Information Management
  3. Industrial Engineering & Management
  4. Design Manufacturing Engineering
  5. Mechatronics
  6. Telecommunications
  7. Microelectronics
  8. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
  9. Information and Communications Technologies
  10. Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering
  11. Construction, Engineering & Infrastructure Management
  12. Structural Engineering
  13. Transportation Engineering
  14. Water Engineering & Management
  15. Agricultural Systems & Engineering
  16. Aquaculture & Aquatic Resources Management
  17. Energy
  18. Food Engineering & Bioprocess Technology
  19. Gender and Development Studies
  20. Natural Resources Management
  21. Regional & Rural Development Planning
  22. Environmental Engineering & Management
  23. Urban Environmental Management
  24. International Business
  25. Management of Technology
  26. Service Marketing & Technology
  27. International Public Marketing

Contact: Mr. Benjamin GargabiteDirector of Admissions and Scholarships

  1. Master in Engineering
  2. Master/Doctorate in Economics


Master /Doctorate in

  1. Architecture
  2. Business Administration
  3. Economics
  4. Geography
  5. International Management
  6. Japan Focused MBA (JEMBA)
  7. Natural Resources & Environmental Management
  8. Ocean Engineering
  9. Oceanography
  10. Pacific Island Studies
  11. Public Administration
  12. Sociology
  13. Tropical Plant & Soil Science
  14. Urban and Regional Planning
  15. Master of Law

Contact: Ms. Jeane Yamamoto ADB-JSP & EWC Scholarship Assistant E-mail:

For details: