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Setting Up Khmer Unicode on Mac OS X
Now you can get Khmer Unicode working on Mac. You can browse webpages with your favorite browser or use word processing with Khmer Unicode. Khmer Unicode works on Mac with fonts designed by Mr. Danh Hong. You will need the Khmer Keyboard driver for typing Khmer.The downloads are all free. The instruction also shows how to configure Open Office Word to render Khmer Unicode properly and setup keyboard shortcuts.

Install Khmer Unicode using Khmer Unicode MacOSX Lite 2.1 Installer

  1. Download installer Khmer Unicode for MAC OSX
  2. Double click on the zip file to extract in your Download directory. You can optionally read the pdf included in the extract ReadBeforeInstall.pdf.
  3. Now run installer by double click on:KUMACOSXV21.mpkg
  4. Follow the install instruction:
    1. Click “Continue” in the welcome screen
    2. Click “Continue” again in Read me screen
    3. Click “Continue” again in the Software license screen, then “Agree”

    4. Click “Continue” in the Select destination screen.
    5. Click “Install” in the Standard install screen (or change install location if needed)
    6. Enter the login password, then inclick “Install”
    7. Click “Continue Installation” in the next screen that warn about exiting after the installation.
    8. When ready, exit out of your applications that you may have then click “Log Out” for new install to take effect.

How to Set Up Khmer Unicode NiDA Keyboard for Mac

– Driver can be download here:  Khmer Unicode NiDA Keyboard for Mac

– To install these keyboards driver, copy the two files to HD/Library/Keyboard Layouts


– Go to System Preferences > International (or Language & Text for Snow Leopard) pane

– Select “Input Sources” tab and desired Khmer Keyboard

– CLOSE System Preferences. You may need to reboot the computer for Keyboard to take effect.
* In both keyboards, if the CAPS lock is depressed, the output will be as a standard English keyboard.